Overwatch Competitive Rules Guide (2024)

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  • 1. Point Capture (Assault) Maps
  • 2. Payload (Escort) Maps
  • 3. Hybrid Maps
  • 4. Sudden Death
  • 5. Changelog

One of the possible ways of playing Overwatch is Competitive Play.In this mode, wins and losses count towards players' ranks within thesystem (on which we will elaborate in the future), which in turn means thateach match must have a clear winner and loser.

On this page, we mean to explain how the winner is determined in the game'sCompetitive Play system. This applies to the Point Capture, Payload, andHybrid Game Modes. Control maps are played in a best-of-5 format, where allother aspects are identical to the Quick Play best-of-3.


Point Capture (Assault) Maps

On Point Capture maps, each team will play a game on Attack. Each capturedpoint counts as one score point. At the end of the two games, the team withthe most points wins. For example, if team 1 had captures both points A andB, the score at the end of the game will be 2:0. If team 2 then only managesto capture point A, the final score will be 2:1 in favour of team 1, whowill win the match immediately. It is worth noting that if team 1 fails tocapture any points during their attack, the match will end as soon as team 2captures the first point.

In the event that the score is even after both teams have attacked, asecond set of games will be played during which bothteams will once again get a chance to attack. This time, however, each teamwill only be allowed to attack within the amount of time they had remainingat the end of their first attack (which is tracked on the UI at all times).For example, if team 1 captured both points and had 3 minutes left on theirclock during the first set, they will have those 3 minutes to mount theirattack in the second set. During the second set, no additional time isgranted when a point is captured. If a team had less than 2 minutes left ontheir time at the end of the first set, they will receive 2 minutes of time toattack. However, if a team had no time remaining at all at the end of thefirst set, then they lose the game immediately and a second set is notplayed.

Throughout this time, score is still being kept, with each captured pointcounting as one score point.

The match will continue this way until one of the two teams runs out oftime. When this happens, the team with the highest score wins. If the scoreis still tied at this time, the game goes intoSudden Death (explained below).


Payload (Escort) Maps

On Payload maps, each team will play a game on Attack. Each checkpoint thatthe payload moves through counts as one score point. At the end of the twogames, the team with the most points wins. For example, if team 1 had pushedthe payload to the end (through 3 checkpoints), the score at the end of thatgame would be 3:0. If team 2 then only manages to push the payload past 2checkpoints, the final score would be 3:2 in favour of team 1, who will winthe match immediately.

In the event that both teams pushed the Payload past the same number ofcheckpoints, and therefore have the same score, then the team that had pushedtheir payload farthest (in terms of distance, measured on the UI) wins. Thisdoes not apply, however, if both teams managed to push the payload to the end,in which case the game goes intoSudden Death (explained below).


Hybrid Maps

On Hybrid maps, the system works very similarly to Payload maps. The firstpoint counts as a single score point, and if neither team manages to capture it(meaning that they do not start moving the payload), then the game goes intoSudden Death (explained below).


Sudden Death

In Sudden Death, a coin flip determines which of the two teams attacks andwhich defends. Then, the attacking team is given a set amount of time (listedbelow) in which to capture the first point of the map, or reach the firstcheckpoint (in the case of Payload maps). If they succeed in doing this, thenthey win the match. If they fail, then the defending team wins the match.

The Sudden Death timers are listed below.

Game ModeMapTimer
Point CaptureHanamura1:35
Point CaptureTemple of Anubis1:30
Point CaptureVolskaya Industries1:35
PayloadRoute 661:35
PayloadWatchpoint: Gibraltar1:35
HybridKing's Row1:30



  • 13 Jul. 2016: Completely revised the guide for the live version of Competitive Play.

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Overwatch Competitive Rules Guide (2024)
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