How is Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment? (2024)

Ann Taylor is a women’s clothing store with a classic and sophisticated style. In its branches, it is possible to purchase casual or formal clothing. It has wide recognition in the country due to its long trajectory.

To offer greater benefits, the company offers two credit cards for purchasing all the clothes you want with greater comfort and enjoying other benefits.


Ann Taylor payments

Comenity Bank issues Ann Taylor’s credit cards. For this reason, it is necessary to have an account with that bank to process online payments. It is the simplest, fastest and most secure method to complete bill payments before the due date.

Online Payment

You must log in to a different payment platform depending on your Ann Taylor credit card. One option is to pay for the Ann Taylor store card and another for the Ann Taylor MasterCard credit card.

For the store card, you must go to the login web page and “register now” if you don’t already have an account.

How is Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment? (1)

On the next page, you must add personal and card information.

How is Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment? (2)

Having all Ann Taylor’s credit card account information is essential to make the process as quick as possible. Once all the information has been entered and validated, it is time to create the username and password that will use to log in.

The registration in both cases is the same; only the platform where the process will take place will change. When finished, it is time to return to the login menu and log in using the credentials created before.

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Here it is possible to manage the entire account and view the account status, transactions and pending invoices. To pay, you should find the option “Invoicing and payment” and select it. On the next page, enter the amount to be paid and the bank account details to complete the payment.

There is also the alternative of scheduling automatic payments to deduct a minimum amount monthly and not having to enter the platform monthly to complete the payment. Once you are sure that all the information is correct, it is time to press “pay“.

Paying by phone

The service numbers also change depending on the credit card you work with. To pay the Ann Taylor store credit card, call 1 – 866 – 730 – 7902. On the other hand, for the MasterCard credit card, you need to call 1 – 866 – 292 – 5707.

The operator answers all calls and can complete the entire process. It is a free alternative and requires no more than 10 minutes when you have all the data at hand.

If the payment becomes complicated, it is necessary to ask to speak to an authorized agent; this alternative usually has an additional fee before communicating the call.

Payment by mail

Checks and money orders for Ann Taylor Store Credit Card payments should be sent to Ann Taylor Credit Card, PO Box 659705, San Antonio, TX 78265 – 9705. The address for MasterCard credit card mail-in payments is Ann Taylor MasterCard, PO Box 659569, San Antonio, TX 78265 – 9569.

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Regardless of the card used to pay, it is essential to put the account number on the check and send the envelope 5 to 10 business days before the invoice is due to avoid additional charges for late payments.

In-Store Payments

Another alternative is to go to one of the nearest stores and complete the payment of the credit card bill at the cashier. It is essential to bring the card or statement with the bill amount to process the payment.

An alternative way to find the nearest store to your location is to go to the Ann Taylor website and enter your zip code. We will display all nearby stores.

Ann Taylor Credit Card Details

You can apply for the Perfect Rewards Scheme card or the Ann Taylor MasterCard. The rewards between the two options are pretty much the same. One of the main differences is that MasterCard has the option to accumulate additional points wherever their cards are accepted.

You acquire five reward points for every dollar spent with the card, and with the MasterCard, you earn an additional point for every dollar spent. Upon reaching a total of 2,000 points, you are rewarded with a $20 Perfect Rewards gift card.

For the cardholder’s birthday month, you get a $15 rebate on purchases you choose to deduct.

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How is Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment? (2024)
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